Supercollider in the news

With the CERN Large Hadron Supercollider coming on-line very soon, there is a lot of discussion about topics touched on in in my Supercollider SciFi story – including the possibility of wiping out this universe.  You can listen to a Science Friday interview on the Supercollider with Frank Wilczek, 2004 Nobel Laureate in physics. 
At  He is excited by what the machine can reveal and does not think the universe is threatened.   A New Yorker article on the LHC can be found at  The CERN people are sufficiently concerned about the end-of-the-world fear that they have put up a web page at  It provides assurance that a single proton-proton colision involves less energy than swatting a mosquito, though the bean energy “is equivalent to a 400 tonne train (like the French TGV) travelling at 150 km/h.”  Personally, I have bigger worries but I still think my story is fun.

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